Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus questions

What Is Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus?
Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus is a revolutionary new weight loss system – combining the incredible fat-burning components of Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone. Both organic compounds have been endorsed by America’s most trusted Doctors, who’ve referred to them as miracle fat burning supplements. Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus packs the biggest punch against excess fat and will change the way you approach weight loss forever.

How Does Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Boost Weight Loss?
Our proprietary blend combines the two major weight loss contenders, Green Coffee Bean extract and Raspberry Ketone, tackling the weight loss dilemma from all angles to establish an entirely failsafe method for shedding those unwanted pounds. Both Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean extract work to increase metabolism, regulate blood glucose levels and inhibit the production of insulin. Raspberry ketone contains the protein hormone adiponectin, which boosts metabolism and reduces body fat percentage. Green Coffee Bean is rich in chlorogenic acid, a natural substance that maximizes metabolic function, hinders fat absorption and prevents weight gain.

The result? With Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus, you’re fully locked and loaded, ready to blast off those pesky pounds and chisel your way to a more slender and sexier you!

Can Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Do Anything Else for Me?

In addition to regulating blood sugar, burning fat and preventing weight gain, Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus has shown to reduce hunger and increase energy. Many have reported feeling more alert and better equipped to take on the day, as well as satisfying hunger more easily and feeling fuller longer. Oh, and let’s not forget the huge boost in confidence!

Can’t I Just Drink Coffee and Eat Raspberries?
Without the right supplementation, you’ll be embarking on an expensive, time-consuming and rather disappointing journey.  In order to get the level of Ketones needed to create the desired weight loss effect, each day one would need to consume as much as 90 lbs. of raspberries, or over 21,600 calories per day!!!  For that reason, supplementation is a much more sensible and more efficient way to go.

Turning to your favorite cup of Joe isn’t the answer, either. In order to reap the fat loss benefits of Green Coffee Beans, they must be 100 percent raw and unrefined. Coffee beans need to be roasted at 475 degrees Fahrenheit before brewing. While chlorogenic acid levels are abundant in Green Coffee Beans, the roasting process rids the beans of most, if not all of their secret fat-busting ingredients.

How Do I Take Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus?
Just 1 tablet, 3 times per day, 30 minutes before each meal with a full glass of water is all it takes to enjoy the fat burning benefits of Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus.

Is Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Safe?
Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus is 100 percent natural, unrefined and additive-free. While completely safe, we always recommend consulting with your primary health care professional before taking this or any other supplement, herbal remedy, vitamin or medication.

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Is RKG FDA Approved?
RKG is produced here in the United States in an FDA approved facility, strictly following the cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) in place mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  Although the FDA does not “approve” natural supplements (as it does with prescription medicine), RKG comes as close as you can get. 

Does Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Produce Any Side Effects?
Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus has no reported side effects, nor do we expect any. This is a completely organic compound that reacts naturally with the body.

When Will I See Results?
Individual results will vary, however, many people report increased energy and reduced appetite right away. Weight loss can occur rapidly, as well. Results can be increased substantially by adopting a healthy lifestyle that favors nutritious eating habits and regular exercise.